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Lynn Wee
With flowers adorned in every corner of her bedroom, her love for all things pretty are clearly evident. Born and raised in Singapore, Lynn has a keen eye for fashion and believes that simplicity is the way to go. As cliché as it sounds, she stands by the mantra that inner beauty matters the most.
Janice Nadia Kosidin
A realist at mind and a dreamer at heart, Janice lives in a world where the sky is not the limit, with the belief that there is so much more to see. She has a knack for indulging herself in books and all things unique, discovering what more there is to life and the beauty it offers.
Queenie Wong
Exploring the latest fashion trends is my escape from the mundane. I don’t stick to one style. It depends on my mood whether I want to go all-out girly or just add a bit frilly femininity to my outfit. Clothing is a form of expression. Do this and be true to yourself.
Karen Wong
With the passion of life, she describes herself as life lover and nature admirer. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Karen never stops looking for new lifestyle and fashion ideas in this bustling city. She believes that happiness is the true beauty and nothing can diminish the power.
Summer Zhang
Born and raised in China, to me, fashion is the ultimate artistic expression of individual style. What I love about fashion is how it can package the body and represent a person inner and outer itself. The color you choose, the style, the accessories, which all combine to give a unique person.

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